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What are Traction Bands?

A performance upgrade for all battery ride-on power toys!

With all the money you spend to buy all your ride on toys you would think they would at least be able to drive around all by themselves, right ?
"What a chore to constantly have to go give your child a shove or push to get them going again, over the garden hose and even on slight inclines. But now, with these traction bands, it's different because - THEY WORK!! You will be getting  this  incredible performance upgrade for your childs toy machines.
Traction Bands!

No more having to go give your children a little shove or push to get them going!!  We
can guarantee that you will be telling all your friends and family about how well these bands work.
By installing a Traction Package on your favorite ride-on toy, it will  be the best upgrade or accessory  that you could ever make! - Best Value on the WEB for  your childrens  ride-on, pedal, solar or battery powered toy tires.


When using Traction Bands you will have:

#1 Incredible Traction.
Impressive tire traction on grass and slippery surfaces without costly wheel modifications. No more tire spin that damages your lawn!  They can now go up those little hills on your property with no trouble at all.
#2  Less Plastic Tire Wear to save lots of money.
Protect your new tires from damage or rejuvenate and save cracked, split or older tires.  An inexpensive investment without the huge cost of having to replace plastic tires that could cost over $65.00 + labor.
#3  Less Tire Noise.
The sound made with the plastic tires on hard top will now be dampened and a lot quieter. The rubber will also give the tires some cushion and be a little softer on your favorite little rider.
#4   Safer Steering.
There is rubber on the ground instead of slippery plastic so the tires don't skid around like before. Get out of the way quicker if cars are coming! Turning is more responsive especially on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Bands work on new or old tires!

Guaranteed to work!!