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INSTRUCTIONS  to mount Traction Bands on Power Wheels, Peg Perego, Step Two, Little Tykes and all other Toy Plastic Tires
1. Before installing - clean all wheels using any of the following methods: Using a wire brush or rough sandpaper on center where band will sit on tire (this is what I prefer), soap and water, etc. Make sure no dirt or soap residue is on tire
2 .With your thumbs and/or hands inside the band, pull outwards making an oval.

3. Approach wheel placing the top half of the oval band on wheel, passed center, pulling down while using your thumbs/hands to guide the band onto the wheel.  Machine should be on the floor (or on its side with battery out) while working on it for safety sake. If it's new in the box, put them on before building machine.

4. If band is hard to get on, stretch it out.  Put foot in band and pull it up to stretch. We send tighter bands so they stay on better and are not too big for the wheels. Don't be afraid to STRETCH THEM!!

5  Once the band is on the wheel, center it on the wheel all the way around.

6. Once band is on and centered, fold back or lift band to put adhesive on. Apply adhesive on wheel only in the center where band will sit. If you bought the glue I send, estimate about half an ounce per tire. Re-center the band when finished applying then wipe any oozing glue with a napkin, rag or paper towel etc. Use lots of glue! Don't skimp- Use all the glue!

7. You will want to glue the band onto wheel with a good general adhesive or you can use a few small flat head screws, but do not over tighten. Do what works best for you. You can run the machine without an adhesive but you will soon find that you have to keep putting the bands back on, especially when turning.

8. For gluing it is best to use 3M super 77, silicone, Liquid Nails, or Permatex molding trim adhesive. Homax products makes a Household Welder and an All Purpose Welder clear contact adhesive that is fantastic. These I've found to be the best.  Put a bead of adhesive down the middle of the tread under the band. Use whatever that bonds both rubber and plastic. (Available at auto parts stores, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, hardware store, etc.) Let set up overnight. (24 hrs. is best, if possible). You want to do this only once so take your time.

If you have any questions or problems contact us. We will try to help anyway we can. Unfortunately being a wear item like brakes/tires/etc. they could last one second or multiple years. Your best bet for longer durations is to follow the glue manufacturer's instructions on the adhesive we send and this instruction sheet. These are guidelines to follow and thats all. We will not be be liable for any damage or personal injury of any kind whatsoever due to the use of this website or by using our products whether the bands or adhesive products.
See our legal disclaimer for additional information as well.